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The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, 40 South Carroll St,  Frederick, MD 21701


Pet Portraits in Oil

Working in oil from reference photos, learn to capture the particular anatomy, expression, and personality of your animal companion. We will focus on specific techniques for rendering textures like fur and feathers and go over the challenges of working from photographs. All skill levels. Students will learn oil painting techniques such as alla prima (or wet into wet) and glazing. They will be shown historical examples of pet portraits, with special emphasis being placed on background composition and color harmony. Beginning painting techniques will also be covered. Please note that a supply of shared oil paint is available for this class. Expected student supply cost without paints is $75. (with paints $230) April 11- June 6, Sundays 1-4pm. $250/$225 members of The Delaplaine. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=21-4-PT01

Depending on what is happening with the COVID-19 situation, classes may change to online instruction, in which case the classes may be changed and would be geared towards subjects that don't require live models.

For more information, contact The Delaplaine: http://www.delaplaine.org or 301-698-0656


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